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【Stronger Black Tea】 Coming!2018-11-29

Stronger Black Tea
Black Tea Flavor Accentuated through Slow Ripening
Strong Black Tea is brewed with tea leaves that are further exposed and fermented. This extra processing step renders a stronger, flavorful taste of a final brewed drink than its normally fermented counterparts. The drink is of the garnet color, rich aroma, with tannin-inducing, mildly dry sips that will reward sippers a mouthful of richness and fragrant texture in aftertaste. It can either be served hot or cold, taking drinkers on an unforgetful journey of flavors and appreciation.
Black tea is of mild, soothing and warm nature. Added with a moderate amount of milk and sugar, the drink is beneficial to one’s spleen and stomach, especially at seasonal turn from autumn to winter.
To brew a good pot of tea, its for a taste of comfort and elegance, a way of life.
As if time had stopped, moments were serenely frozen in enjoyment of a pot.
600g x 24 packages / carton
For pure drinks: Suitable for tea lovers who love to enjoy the pure yet rich flavors of tea.
For mixed drinks: Great to be mixed with fresh milk or creamer. The mixture creates a perfect synergy that will not only enhance the fragrance of both tea and milk, but also retain the smooth texture of tea.
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For pure drinks: Strong Black Tea
For mixed fruit drinks: To be concocted with fresh fruits and syrup
For milk tea drinks: to be mixed with fresh milk or creamer
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