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Chen En the release of 【Sugar Tremella Jam】!2018-11-08

Dear customer,
We are pleased to announce to the friends and supporters of Chen En the release of Sugar Tremella Jam!
Please contact our sales representative for further information.
Many thanks!
品名:冰糖銀耳醬Sugar Tremella Jam
The secretsof how the ancient royal nobility’s ladies keep their beauty with.
Tremella, is Chinese traditional health food only royal nobilities can have in ancient times.
It contains with dietary fiber, Polysaccharide and vegetable jelly, which is good for digestion system,
strengthens immune systemand most importantly to make skin brighter so does the beauty. 

-外食族補充膳食纖維 For those who always eat out a good way to gain dietary fiber.
-上班族養顏補元氣  For those who work in office all day better digestion and brighter skin. 
-學生族提升免疫力  For students and kids easy way to strengthens immune system.
Selected tremella brew with rock sugar, in Chinese medical it’s good to lower internal heat and stop coughing.
銀耳就是比較好:Tremella is with a lot of benefits: 
好在哪?Why tremella is good for us?
第一好 低熱量‧高飽足感 First: Low calories, increase feeling of satiety
第二好 豐富膳食纖維‧保健腸胃Second: Rich of dietary fiber, good for digestion system.
第三好 富含多醣體‧提升免疫力 Third: Rich with Polysaccharide which helps to strengthens immune system
第四好 滿滿植物性膠質‧打造水嫩彈性肌 Forth: Plenty of vegetable jelly helps to make your skin bright.
Tachungho Sugar Tremella jam, certificate by HACCP, ISO22000, quality guaranteed for you.  
運用:Where to use? 
飲品、點心、冰品均適用。Match with variety of drinks, snacks and ice products.
適用:Suitable for what kind of shops?
Bubble tea shop: Provide these kinds of drinks, make your customer follows in the fashion of drinking in health way.
The shop who provides health drinks, restaurant:  It’s easy to use in the dishes, drinks and snacks, provide more choice for those who want to try something new in health way.