Overseas Transaction

Chen Enwas founded in 1983 in New Taipei City and we are one of the largest bubble tea (boba tea) material suppliers in Taiwan. Our consumers and partners are from all over the world such as Australia, Abu Dhabi, China, Chile, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, El Salvador, France, Germany, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Poland, Philippines, Pakistan, Russia, Swiss, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vietnam… etc.

Our main objective is expanding Bubble Tea business across the world. Also, we hope this high quality drink could be tasted by people from different countries. Besides, we hope it will become well-known worldwide in the near future.

"Tachungho"is a famous bubble tea material brand established step by step in past 30 years. We share useful and valuable experiences to our customers. Hopefully, we could help all the customers to build their own Bubble Tea business. If you are interested in running this businese, we are pleased to assist you to start it from beginning to the end. Please visit Taiwan for learning the bubble tea skills and knowledge to begin your business.

  • A、Realize the culture of Bubble Tea.
  • B、Know the consumables, products, equipments, machines and tools.
  • C、Learn how to design the beverage menu and make "Bubble Tea".
  • D、Design exclusive brand and CIS systems (logo, shop style, cup, straw, uniform…etc.).
  • E、Design the circulation of shop (inside & outside) and place of the equipments/machines.
  • F、Grand opening activity planning.
  • G、The conception of store management and operation.

  • A、Purchase of materials, consumables, equipments, machines and tools & Order shipment.
  • B、Learn Taiwanese traditional snacks. (Taiwanese fried chicken, Snow ice, Taiwanese custard pancake, Sweet soup with grass jelly, Grass jelly, Red bean Sweet soup, taro balls and soft-serve ice cream).
  • C、Catalog Download

  • A、Product development and application.