Export Process

Contact Us

Get in touch by telephone (+886-2-2249-7576) or visit website.
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Sales Meeting

Through contacting our sales to find out how we help our customers to start the business and provide our services and products.

Training Course (Inexperienced Customers)

Inexperienced customers can join our courses to learn the knowledge of beverage making and shop management.

Sampling (Experienced Customers)

Test the flavor of products.
  Sampling (Experienced Customers)
  Customers who already have shop can request samples for testing
  Sample delivery / Freight calculation / Preparation

Product Quotation

Quotation by customer's menu with required materials, machines, equipments and consumable.

Order Confirmation / Remittance Completed

Customers need to confirm items, quantity, amount and volume of quotation. The goods will be arranged after remittance completed
  Minimum order quantity.
  Remittance information.
  Delivery date.


Factory manufactures products by customers'order.

Delivery Container to Freight Station

Arrangement of shipping, container loading and customs declaration.


Delivery goods to named port of destination through shipping company.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance by custom broker in the host country.

Customer Service

Provide professional advice and service to customers' ingredient selection and shop management. Regularly introduced new products and beverage recipe.